Legacy Challenge: 10 Generations

I'm trying my first Legacy Challenge - the 10-generations challenge. So far, I'm on the 3rd generation and it's much more difficult than I thought. I'm so used to using cheat codes on the needs and money, it's hard to keep my Sim satisfied! I decided to make a rule for my legacy - only Irish names and as many redheads as possible. :) I started out with my founder, Holly O'Reilly, then she married Sean and had a daughter, Kelly, and a son, Finn. Kelly has just married her guy, Conor Kennedy and had twins Eva & Ella. Perhaps I'll add some pictures later. Has anyone else tried a Legacy Challenge before?


5.21.11 - Holly and Sean have both passed on, leaving Kelly and Finn to carry on. Finn moved out, married Dara Ansari and had a girl, Amy. Kelly married Conor Kennedy and have since had 5 girls. Twins, Eva & Ella, and triplets, Emma, Erin & Elizabeth. They oughta be a handful!

Eva & Ella

That sure looks like it hurts...

No wonder it looked so painful! She popped out 3 more girls, Emma, Erin & Elizabeth!


5.22.11 -

Clearly Eva & Ella do not approve of their little sister, Emma!

l-r: Elizabeth, Emma & Erin.


5.28.11 -

 Hot Grandma! (Kelly)

Eva - All grown up

Ella - All grown up

The triplets, (l-r) Erin, Elizabeth & Emma.



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